36 Amazing Manicure Hacks You Should Know

Anyone can have a perfect DIY manicure if you know a few manicure hacks. You don’t need to be a nail artist to learn these beauty tips. You can even do these handy manicure hacks in the comfort of your home. These easy manicure hacks will save you tons of money from going to a nail salon. Keep on reading to learn the secret of beautiful nails with these DIY manicure hacks!

Proven And Tested Manicure Hacks To Live By

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1. Manicure Hacks | Fixing Broken Nails


Chipped nails are a big no, especially if you want a fancy nail art or a french manicure. You only need a brush, acrylic powder and liquid, and a clear nail polish for a base coat finish. Here’s how to fix your broken nails before getting a fancy manicure.

2. Manicure Hacks | Hot Oil Manicure


Your hands and nails need all the TLC so pamper and give it nourishment. Hot oil manicure is a good relaxing treatment. Here’s how to prepare this at-home beauty hack:

    • Take equal parts of olive, castor, jojoba, and grapeseed oils with Vitamin E, and heat for 10 seconds. Set this aside.
    • Soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes.
    • Rub a lime on your nails to clean and disinfect them.
    • Apply the mixture to the nails and nail beds.

3. Manicure Hacks | Nail Stains Removal


Removing nails stains is one of the essentials of proper nail care. To remove any nail stains, all you need are toothpaste and a nail brush (or an old toothbrush). Apply toothpaste on your nails and brush them clean. If there are any stains left, you have to repeat the process.

4. Manicure Hacks | Gel Polish Remover


Gel nail polish is amazing, lasting up to 3 weeks! But removing them is another story. You need not go to the salon, though, and damage your nails in the process. There’s an easy way to do it at home. Check this full tutorial on how to remove gel nail polish.

5. Manicure Hacks | White Base For Neon Nail Art


We know white is a good base for any nail art there is. But did you know that having a white nail polish base makes a neon nail art more vibrant? White makes the neon color look more alive without the need to apply tons of coats.

6. Manicure Hacks | Gel Manicure At Home


Do you want a gel manicure but don’t have time to go to the nail salon? You can do it in your home with a gel nail polish kit. A gel nail polish kit is a good investment. Check this DIY tutorial on how to do gel manicure at home.

7. Manicure Hacks | Newspaper Nail Art


Apply white nail polish as a base coat. Cut the big letters from the newspaper, then soak them in alcohol using tweezers. Place the wet cut-outs on your nails until the images stick. Finish with top coat.

8. Manicure Hacks | Sharpie For Nail Art


Don’t limit yourself to using plain or glitter nail polish. Here’s a nail paint hack you can use for your nail art: Sharpies! These multi-colored markers are so easy to handle. It will also give you the flexibility to design the nail art you want. Check out these Sharpie nail art samples and prepare to get blown away!

9. Manicure Hacks | Ombre Nails

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Ombre nails is another nail art that super popular these days. Did you know that achieving the effect is with a sponge? Dab the sponge painted with layers of colors onto the nails to get the design. Here’s an ombre nail art you can definitely do!

10. Manicure Hacks | Glitter Nails


Don’t you hate it when you apply glitter polish on your nails and they make a mess all over the place?  Well, there’s a surefire way to fill your nails nice with glitter. All you’ll need is a small makeup sponge, and you’ll have the best glitter manicure ever!

11. Manicure Hacks | No Gel Chrome Nails

Gel polish is the best base for chrome nails. If you can’t get your hands on them, then use normal polish for the base. Maintaining its mirror effect can get a bit tricky. No worries, though. You can use a water-based top coat to keep that shine going.

12. Manicure Hacks | Managing Long Nails


Coffin and stiletto nails are simply sexy. Yet it’s hard to maintain them, especially when daily routine calls for much use of your fingers. No fear when you can use random objects to your benefit. There are several ways to move around without damaging your nails. Using your knuckles and tweezers to pick stuff up, even cards to scoop things with is a sure fab girl manicure hack!

13. Manicure Hacks | Avoid Nail Chipping


Chipped nails are one of the most annoying things any nail enthusiast will face. Good thing there are ways to avoid it as much as possible. If you have some extra cha-ching to spare get yourself a gel or shellac manicure. It will make it last for weeks without chipping. Or you can also follow these tips instead. They might not last as long as the gel manicure but you can enjoy them up to a week longer than the usual. You only need to find the best base coat and top coat.

14. Manicure Hacks | Perfect Nail Shape


Good-looking nails start with the perfect nail shape. A round shape have smooth edges while square has well-defined ones. You can combine the two shapes for a more natural-looking shape. They are great for those with short nails.

Don’t like short nails? If you prefer long nails or have long fingers, the oval shape is perfect. Stilettos, edge, and pipe are also great for those who want to make their fingers and nails look longer.

15. Manicure Hacks | Prepping Nails

Manicure Hacks | Prepping Nails | 36 Amazing Manicure Hacks You Should Know

Prepping your nails before putting on nail polish is super easy! Clean your nails first with a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover. When done, push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher. It will reveal the white crescents at the base of your fingernails. Shape the hangnails using an emery board. Next, proceed to clip the nails to the length of your choice. Using the emery board, shape and smoothen the rough edges and buff the surface of the nails. Finally, apply rubbing alcohol to remove excess oils.

Want to see the complete 36 Manicure Hacks?

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These manicure hacks are key to having pretty nails you can show off. Match your nails with these cute outfits and these makeup tutorials to complete your look! These hacks are life-savers especially to girls who love taking care of their nails. Share these manicure hacks with your girlfriends, they would love to know them as well!

Are you ready to put these beauty hacks to the test? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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